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I am currently paying all of the (modest) running costs for the Minimalist Book Club myself, and I am happy to do so for the foreseeable. If you too find some value in what I am doing here, and would like to help me to keep the lights on, please consider making a donation.

While I have done my best to keep the running costs of this website as low as possible, it still costs around £150 a year to keep the lights on. Many small websites and apps support their costs by serving adverts alongside their content. While I do not begrudge those developers that decision (nor do I judge those who choose to use ad-blockers), I was adamant not to use adverts on this website for the following reasons:

  1. Adverts suck.
  2. Ads are visual clutter, and are not in keeping with the website’s minimalist aesthetic.
  3. I want the site to load quickly and adverts increase both the load time, and the overall download size (1.1MB when I last checked!).
  4. Adverts on the Internet are one of the primary drivers of the erosion of individual privacy, and I do not wish to involve myself in that.

So with all that in mind, a donation to help keep the website ticking over and in development would be most welcome. More donation methods are planned for the future, but if your preferred method of donation is not currently available, please get in touch.