Minimalist Book Club

Simplify your bookshelf, enrich your relationships

The Minimalist Book Club Blurb

Dear reader,

This book is part of the Minimalist Book Club, and now it belongs to you. It is yours to enjoy, to cherish, and to have for your own. Read it in the bath, dog-ear the corners to mark your place, and scribble notes about your favourite passages in the margins. Every bend of this spine and every scuff of this cover tells the story of a love affair, and you were handed this book because the giver thinks you will fall in love too.

Books are not made to gather dust, forgotten and unloved on some shelf. They are made to inspire, to ignite imaginations, and spark conversations. So read with deliberacy, and when you close this book for the last time pass it along. Consider what you loved about it and the people it made you think of, and when you hand this book over to its new owner, tell them to do the same when time comes.

But until you pass it along this book is simply, yours. Happy reading.

Anybody can add any book to the Club, simply by putting this blurb into the front cover of the book. If you would like to, feel free to indulge your inner writer and create your own variation upon this missive in your own hand and style. Please just be sure to cover the two main tenets of the Club:

  1. Until it is passed on, the book belongs to whoever receives it.
  2. When a reader is finished, they must pass it along to someone that they know.