Minimalist Book Club

Simplify your bookshelf, enrich your relationships

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Minimalist Book Club?
A venture in sharing a love of reading and of minimalism with the world. It is meant to help teach the value of letting go of physical objects, and of sharing your experiences and ideas with others.

How does the Minimalist Book Club work?
A book is added to the Club when the Blurb is written inside its cover. It is passed from reader to reader, forging connections between friends and family as it goes. You get to share an experience with a loved one, without needing to add an object to your environment.

Are there any fees or membership costs associated with the Minimalist Book Club?
None. If you receive a book it is yours, free of charge. If you would like to donate to help with the running costs of the club, you can do so here.

Isn’t this bad for authors?
This is no worse for authors than libraries and second hand bookshops, and not hugely worse than Amazon. However, yes, this does mean that the author of a book being passed around may miss out on some sales. If this is of concern to you, perhaps buy a copy of the book as a gift, or donate one to a library or charity shop.

Can I keep the books I receive from the Minimalist Book Club?
Nobody can stop you from keeping any books you may receive, however it is not in keeping with the spirit of the Club. If you would like to keep the book, I recommend you to continue the chain and pass along the Club’s book, and then purchase a new copy for your own.

What if I don’t like a book that I receive?
That is bound to happen eventually. You should still pass it on to someone that you think will like it. If you can’t think of anyone, pass it on anyway, and be honest about your thoughts on the book. A negative review can spark as much conversation as a positive.

Can I recommend books to the Minimalist Book Club?
There is no central body which governs which books are included in the Club. If there is a book that you think should be involved in the chain, feel free to write the Blurb inside the cover and pass it on to someone.

How do I pass along the book once I’m finished reading it?
Think about who you would like to give the book to. Maybe it’s someone you think will really enjoy it. Maybe it’s someone with whom you think you will be able to have a really good discussion about the book. Simply pick it up, and pass it to them.

Are there any guidelines or restrictions for passing the book to someone else?
No, but the general idea is to pass a book to someone you know, and think will appreciate the book. Someone that you thought of when you read it. Someone that you want to discuss the contents with. Nobody can dictate what you do with a book, so if you want to give it to a stranger, go right ahead.

Can I participate in the Minimalist Book Club if I don’t have anyone to pass the book to?
By all means, this might be a good opportunity to find somebody to pass the book along to!

Can I track the journey of a book I’ve passed along?
No. At least, not yet. Long term this is a planned function for the website, but for now there is no way to track where a book gets to.

Can I write notes in the books I receive from the Minimalist Book Club?
Absolutely! When you receive a book it is yours. You can dog ear the pages, scribble between paragraphs, and doodle in the margins. However please bear in mind that you don’t know who might receive the book in the future, so try not to write (or draw) anything too rude. Similarly, please don’t make it difficult to actually read the book.

What if a book gets lost or damaged while in my possession?
Accidents happen, and you are not in trouble. If you have the means and can afford to do so, please buy a new copy and start the chain afresh.